Tuesday, March 6, 2012

As If It Was Yesterday

      So today I will be writing about nothing more, nothing less than London.
                                                                   - photo from 2010 -
To begin with, I first arrived in London on the 30th June, 2006, and I was only 8 years old at the time. Many things have changed since then. I have been very surprised at the lifestyle of the British. Differently to what I was used to, I started to live that way. Getting to know new people, a new language, and new culture had been a great experience which I carry with me today. The big city gave me adrenaline, and it was awesome to get that feeling, especially on cold, snowy days ~ *------------*. I got used to the idea of London very quickly, and every time I went out on the streets of London, I felt like home. There was nothing better than seeing a souvenir shop every street corner, and rushing to get a little something :}}

Here's some of my babies that I couldn't resist buying <3 

 A thing that I also got pretty surprised over, were the British fashion taste. Although many young girls decide to dye their hair, or wear too much make up, they have their own style. With this I was capable of realizing that we can be ourselves without fear of being judged. There's even a borough which is considered to be the 'mad/crazy people's place'. You may be familiar with the name, for Amy Winehouse have lived there - Camden Town. 

 Another thing that I can say, changed my ~soul~ was food. At first, as many - I believe - always think, food is not gonna be the same, it's not gonna be 'good', but you get used to new tastes so quickly, you don't even notice the change. For people from different countries and/or culture, there's no way you can't eat your country's food once you're in London, simply because there are many stores which sells a specific country's products, and of course, we can't forget the restaurants! 
 Don't forget: once in London, always in a different country - YES! You may be Italian, but there are thousands of options for you to choose from, such as Brazilian, Japanese, and Chinese restaurants. 

Living in London for 5 years, I had the chance to visit many touristic places. Most of which, seemed more like a dream. I've learned that the British likes to spend their time at museums and historic places and buildings. 

-Trafalgar Square-

One thing there's no way to forget, is school. It's very very different to what I was used to. Although at Key Stage 2, there were already a lot of subjects. And yes - there's no way to not like it! :D Getting to a Secondary School was such a great feeling, I'm sure every year 6 feels that way :3 ~ AND OF COURSE, the trips, there were many many trips. During school terms, and end of school year we used to go to a Theme Park with our class. It was a nice way welcoming the holidays! Here's some pictures from a school trip to the Shakespeare Globe Theatre.

Sadly, on the 5th of March, it made a year I've left London. To be honest, it seemed more that a week. Many things has happened in only one year. But of course, If I had the chance to, I's go running back to London.  Being a British for 5 years was an experience that there's no way I can ever forget. I'll carry this experience with me throughout my whole life... I <3 London