Sunday, February 24, 2013

What Would She Wear: Selena Gomez

     Selena Marie Gomez is well known for being a roll model to may young girls who tend to get inspired by her work and also her unique style.
     Recently in a interview for Sugar Scape, the young lady has said she likes to choose what to wear herself, independent of a daily wear or a red carpet look.

      In the same interview, Ms Gomez has said she has an obsession for all sort of shoes, and most of them she shares with her mother!
      When it comes to accessories, she admits she likes to keep the style simple, but she never give up on bags. Scarfs are also something she doesn't let go.
      Recently, Selena has been spotted wearing many loose clothes, in a sort of hippie style!

      Selena Gomez can show she is always stunning with her legs out for the luck of men!

     She has really shown how to be a glam princess in all event clothing and also how to be stylish when out and about! Did you get inspired for a day out? I hope we can steal some of these looks!

- Andy.

Monday, February 18, 2013

All over again - but different!

     The time to go back to school has come. Meet new people, make new friendships, learn new things... It never stops.
     Today was (finally) my first day back to school and I really felt like a veteran since I entered the school last year! At the same time I thought this would a refreshing start, but I've forgotten that since I've entered my new classroom and none of my friends were there! :( And not only there's already homework, I've also got two period lessons for P.E on plain Monday!!
     It might be a great chance to meet new people, I may be a bit more independent since I will spend a lot of time working on my own. That couldn't be so bad.
     Oh, and also today I went back to my Japanese lessons and things are getting way harder and I've discovered my name wasn't spelt correctly in the foreign language! tee-hee! Well, at least I have my friends in the same class, the only thing that changes was the teacher obviously, since I'm a level higher now.
     I think this year I will have a bit more pressure than last year, since my last year of school is approaching day by day.

How was your first day back at school or at any activity you do out of school?

Sayonara!  - Andy.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fall in love with Tom Odell

     The British singer and songwriter are one of the newest member on the musical industry. After studying at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, Tom already has an album expected to be released on 15 April this year! 
     The singer has already won a Brit award last year on the category of Critic's Choice. And not only that, his song 'Another Love' was chosen for the Burberry latest commercial!
     Tom is only 22 and his album is already one of the most waited this year!
     Check out the playlist to jam into a little of his folk music!


- Andy.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nail Art inspired for Valentine's Day!

    It's Valentine's Day tomorrow! And to get you even more in the mood for this date, I've selected some really adorable nail arts. Some you can do yourself, and maybe others you will probably need a little help from a friend. 
     Let's check them out!

     You can also find various other nail arts clicking here!

Happy Valentine's Day!
- Andy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DIY: Decoration inspired for Valentine's Day

     It's the most wonderful time of the year (for some)! Since Valentine's Day is already here, I though about showing you guys sweet decorations to get you inspired for the date. 
     No matter if you're single or swimming in a pool of hearts, these adorable ideas are really suitable for everyone. Since Thursday is just around the corner, these are some simple decorations that shouldn't take anyone to do! 

     You can also personalize portraits and pillows using prints, paint or any paper!

     You can also decorate your room. Plus, who said you couldn't decorate outdoor as well?!

     I hope y'all have enjoyed and took some inspiration out of these examples of simple-but-cute decorations and you get working on them! 

     Happy Valentine's Day! 
- Andy.

Monday, February 11, 2013

The 55th Grammy's: The Red Carpet Looks

     On February 10 (yesterday), The 55th Grammy Awards took place in Los Angeles to present the best singers of the year.
     In this specific post I will be showing the best dressed on the Red Carpet!
     Although the nominees were told about not showing a lot since the show has gotten censored, but that didn't mean they would actually cover everything! We can see that J-Lo had shown a full leg and looked as sexy as always.

The ladies showed that they are ready for anything and so they appeared in their best dresses looking stunning.

Many personalities took over with different designs and forms and still looked glamorous!

Rihanna and Kelly Rowland were one of the best dressed and who doesn't agree with that?! 

Differing from her traditional black dresses, Adele shinned in a red floral one!

These ladies sure know how to be beautiful in everything!