Wednesday, August 15, 2012


1)  Canon EOS DIGITAL - I've been wishing for this fantastic HQ camera for a long while, and still haven't come around to actually getting it. But I've got high expectations about getting it really soon - as soon as I get a job and start getting my money.
2) Trip to London - Living in London was the most amazing experience, and I'd love to repeat it over and over again knowing I won't get enough! I <3 London.
3) Californian Highlights - This new hair trend is blowing my mind and I feel the need to do it. I'll hopefully get them done on me in less than two months time! Excitement taking over!
4) High Heel Sneaker - This is another fashion trend that I fell in love with. It's pretty interesting because it seems really comfortable and stunning, calls attention and goes with everything. Cannot wait to own one!
5) Fashion Books - Those pretty book covers really calls my attention, especially fashion related books! I would like to have a little collection of fashion trends from the 50s up until now. It's also most likely to be a topic that I could be reading about without getting tired.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chilling Friday

     Firstly I'd like to apologize for the long time without updates. There were some exams and schools tests going on so I never came around to make a new post.
     Today I didn't get much done, except for nails, eyebrows, and some music downloaded. And there's nothing better than be chilling on a cool Friday jamming to some indie/rock songs!
     Recently I've found songs that I took over a lifetime searching without good results. I decided to make a complete change on my playlist, ending up deleting over 750 songs that I actually never stopped by to listen to.
     So here's some of them that never gets old, and I absolutely love. (:

That's all folks! I hope y'all enjoyed these tunes. Keep checking for the latest updates! - Andy

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Weekend With Parents

     So last weekend my parents and I decided to get out of home and have some routine change for a while. We decided to go to an open-air shopping centre that even though it's pretty small, it's also very elegant and sophisticated. And just behind it we can see the city's North/South Lake.

- trying to look like a model but no -

     These stairs are somehow like the back entrance, and when arriving at it's end you end up facing a bar. In fact, it's a really fascinating bar because there's  huge posters and frames from rocks bands! 
     Despite the really bad quality over here (T_T), you can still notice that rock n' roll bands frames are everywhere on the walls!

     On the outdoor there are some tables for couples, and an incredible view of the Lake, and on the area beside the shopping centre you also have the precious view of a swimming club. 

     While walking and admiring a lot of stores, we came along this other medieval-looking bar. It had UK flags on the entrance, and I couldn't handle myself! Here's some UK appreciation (: 

     I really liked this bar because it was really sophisticated and amusing, I've never seen one such like this. 
     And look who we met inside! 

     A little further at the back we couldn't not notice the ''main wall'' full of vintage advertises of Brazilian beer.

     Just outside the bar there were a huge soldier painted on cardboard, and I didn't miss the chance to place my head on the cutout bit, of course.

     You can pretty much guess that all this trip involved the UK from so much relations, and yes it did. I guess they made it all to get a lot of love from me, teehee!
     Here's a picture of me and dad, and that beautiful view of the Lake behind us.

I hope ya'll enjoyed it! Keep checking for the latest updates ~ 

Monday, August 6, 2012

PTX - Pentatonix

     Have any of you heard of 'Pentatonix' before? I bet not as many!
     So this is why I decided to show you guys these 5 talented people that together form the PTX.
     They only use their vocals to form all the elements present on a song, and - believe it or no - they do it incredibly well! You can see on the following videos that what they look for ain't nothing small!

Starship - Nicki Minaj

David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland - When Love Takes Over

Fun. - We Are Young

     These five members are making all success they deserve, and performing at various singing TV shows! 
     You can watch more from PTX on their official YouTube channel here.
 I hope you enjoyed it! You can leave your comments below - and keep checking for the latest updates.

Monday, July 30, 2012


     Many people use instagram to experience new effects on their pictures. With the ideal to propose this program for everyone, the Instaglasses - as the name says - are glasses with the capacity to capture every moment in life with a simple push.
     The Instaglasses are installed with all the filters available on intagram, which you will be able to choose as soon as the picture is taken.

     Although it seems like an incredible idea and worth having, the Intaglasses is only a concept design. 
     What do you think of this amazing invention? Leave your comments below!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

10 Reasons to watch the Olympics

     As we all know, this year's Olympics is taking place in London - England from 27/07 til 12/08. I'm pretty sure that everyone is cheering up for their own country, so this is why I selected some athletes from different nationalities that will get your eyes stuck on TV!
     1 - Florian Fuchs  

The Australian 20 year old hockey player is a complete hottie - with 72kg and 1,86m of height.

2 - Jimmy Conner 

The 17 year old Australian ornamental jumper has 68Kg and 1,77m of height.

3 - Nathan Gafuik 

The 27 year old Canadian is competing at the artistic gymnastics, and has 1,65m of height.

4 - Marcelo Chierighini 

Marcelo is an extremely hottie from Brazil. He's 21 years old diver.

5 - Tom Daley 

Tom is one of the most desired athletes from girls all around the world. The British swimmer is only 18 years old and a diver.

6 - Jack Laugher 

Here we have another diver in the British Team. Jack is only 17 years old with 65kg and 1,66m of height.

7 - Steve Lewis

The British athlete is a complete heartthrob and tall as 1,91m. The 26 year old has 84kg - and will get you sweating! (teehee!)

8 - Chris Mears  

Here's another British diver (*0*)! He's 19 years old and has 1,72m and 70kg.

9 - Rohan Dennis 

Rohan is a 22 year old Australian cyclist. He is young, fit, and flawless!

10 - Alexandre Pato

And finally, we've got the 22 year old Brazilian footballer!

     So for what other nationality will you be cheering for? (:

Monday, July 23, 2012

Teen Choice Awards 2012

     As many of you know, this year's Teen Choice Awards happened yesterday (22/07) in the USA, and counted on the presence of incredible actors, actresses, singes and many awesome people we love!
    The TCA was hosted by Demi Lovato and Kevin McHale - from Glee - and it was very well done. 

     Demi Lovato more than rocked with her outfit and hair changing. It was a total of 3 glamorous rocking dresses, accompanied with different hair styles. 

     We've had some singers and bands performing at the event, with the amazing presence of DJ Pauly D. 
     The group No Doubt made a performance after some years since their success together. And I learned that Gwen Stefani is one of the few women that looks great with some powerful red lipstick! 

     Justin Bieber performed a remix of 'Boyfriend' and 'As Long As You Love Me' in a scenario that took us to an era similar to year 3000. Soon after, he was presented with the Choice Male Artist surfboard.

    As it was Selena Gomez's 20th Birthday yesterday, it was a great present to win the Choice Music Band with her boys. And after all, she even got a birthday cake plus everyone singing 'Happy Birthday' for her. 

     Besides the fact that Kristen Stewart won another award apart, the lucky star -with Rob and Taylor- won the Ultimate Choice, which is the most important award! *0*

     There is one thing I'm sure of: no one regretted all those hotties on TV making us feel proud and start fangirling over so much perfection! So here's some of what I'm talking about :D

     For more fangirling over the boys, there was One Direction winning 3 AWARDS! They were the big stars at the event - even though they weren't able to make presence. The boys won Choice Love Song with 'What Makes You Beautiful'; Choice Summer Music Star: Group and Choice Music: Breakout Group. The five British hotties more than deserved it for their two years anniversary, of course! And how could they not have millions of fans drooling over their personalities and music? 
     One Direction made a video thanking the fans for voting, and showing how they stuck the pieces of the surfboard together! This made the girls' love for them increase even more! 

     To close up all the surprises during the night, Carly Rae Jepsen performed her worldwide known song 'Call Me Maybe' in which there was a video at the huge background screen with fans singing to the music! That, I'm sure, gave the fans a good laugh.

     I hope ya'll enjoyed it! Keep checking for new updates! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Special: Daddy's Work

     So I decided to make a post dedicated to my dad's work. I think It's something really creative and special. There's nothing more pleasurable than knowing all the sorts of sweet and other deliciousness your father can make! *0*
     He works on this cooking area for ages and knows exactly what type of dessert that makes you happy! (cheesy but true :D).
     On these pictures you can see how much desire we can get. And I eat most of them *-* (I regret nothing!)
     Let's end the talking and start the watching. I hope you guys enjoy it ~ and if there's any possibility, I'll make a step by step post teaching how to get to this conclusion of amazing desserts.