Saturday, July 28, 2012

10 Reasons to watch the Olympics

     As we all know, this year's Olympics is taking place in London - England from 27/07 til 12/08. I'm pretty sure that everyone is cheering up for their own country, so this is why I selected some athletes from different nationalities that will get your eyes stuck on TV!
     1 - Florian Fuchs  

The Australian 20 year old hockey player is a complete hottie - with 72kg and 1,86m of height.

2 - Jimmy Conner 

The 17 year old Australian ornamental jumper has 68Kg and 1,77m of height.

3 - Nathan Gafuik 

The 27 year old Canadian is competing at the artistic gymnastics, and has 1,65m of height.

4 - Marcelo Chierighini 

Marcelo is an extremely hottie from Brazil. He's 21 years old diver.

5 - Tom Daley 

Tom is one of the most desired athletes from girls all around the world. The British swimmer is only 18 years old and a diver.

6 - Jack Laugher 

Here we have another diver in the British Team. Jack is only 17 years old with 65kg and 1,66m of height.

7 - Steve Lewis

The British athlete is a complete heartthrob and tall as 1,91m. The 26 year old has 84kg - and will get you sweating! (teehee!)

8 - Chris Mears  

Here's another British diver (*0*)! He's 19 years old and has 1,72m and 70kg.

9 - Rohan Dennis 

Rohan is a 22 year old Australian cyclist. He is young, fit, and flawless!

10 - Alexandre Pato

And finally, we've got the 22 year old Brazilian footballer!

     So for what other nationality will you be cheering for? (:

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