Monday, July 23, 2012

Teen Choice Awards 2012

     As many of you know, this year's Teen Choice Awards happened yesterday (22/07) in the USA, and counted on the presence of incredible actors, actresses, singes and many awesome people we love!
    The TCA was hosted by Demi Lovato and Kevin McHale - from Glee - and it was very well done. 

     Demi Lovato more than rocked with her outfit and hair changing. It was a total of 3 glamorous rocking dresses, accompanied with different hair styles. 

     We've had some singers and bands performing at the event, with the amazing presence of DJ Pauly D. 
     The group No Doubt made a performance after some years since their success together. And I learned that Gwen Stefani is one of the few women that looks great with some powerful red lipstick! 

     Justin Bieber performed a remix of 'Boyfriend' and 'As Long As You Love Me' in a scenario that took us to an era similar to year 3000. Soon after, he was presented with the Choice Male Artist surfboard.

    As it was Selena Gomez's 20th Birthday yesterday, it was a great present to win the Choice Music Band with her boys. And after all, she even got a birthday cake plus everyone singing 'Happy Birthday' for her. 

     Besides the fact that Kristen Stewart won another award apart, the lucky star -with Rob and Taylor- won the Ultimate Choice, which is the most important award! *0*

     There is one thing I'm sure of: no one regretted all those hotties on TV making us feel proud and start fangirling over so much perfection! So here's some of what I'm talking about :D

     For more fangirling over the boys, there was One Direction winning 3 AWARDS! They were the big stars at the event - even though they weren't able to make presence. The boys won Choice Love Song with 'What Makes You Beautiful'; Choice Summer Music Star: Group and Choice Music: Breakout Group. The five British hotties more than deserved it for their two years anniversary, of course! And how could they not have millions of fans drooling over their personalities and music? 
     One Direction made a video thanking the fans for voting, and showing how they stuck the pieces of the surfboard together! This made the girls' love for them increase even more! 

     To close up all the surprises during the night, Carly Rae Jepsen performed her worldwide known song 'Call Me Maybe' in which there was a video at the huge background screen with fans singing to the music! That, I'm sure, gave the fans a good laugh.

     I hope ya'll enjoyed it! Keep checking for new updates! 

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