Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Weekend With Parents

     So last weekend my parents and I decided to get out of home and have some routine change for a while. We decided to go to an open-air shopping centre that even though it's pretty small, it's also very elegant and sophisticated. And just behind it we can see the city's North/South Lake.

- trying to look like a model but no -

     These stairs are somehow like the back entrance, and when arriving at it's end you end up facing a bar. In fact, it's a really fascinating bar because there's  huge posters and frames from rocks bands! 
     Despite the really bad quality over here (T_T), you can still notice that rock n' roll bands frames are everywhere on the walls!

     On the outdoor there are some tables for couples, and an incredible view of the Lake, and on the area beside the shopping centre you also have the precious view of a swimming club. 

     While walking and admiring a lot of stores, we came along this other medieval-looking bar. It had UK flags on the entrance, and I couldn't handle myself! Here's some UK appreciation (: 

     I really liked this bar because it was really sophisticated and amusing, I've never seen one such like this. 
     And look who we met inside! 

     A little further at the back we couldn't not notice the ''main wall'' full of vintage advertises of Brazilian beer.

     Just outside the bar there were a huge soldier painted on cardboard, and I didn't miss the chance to place my head on the cutout bit, of course.

     You can pretty much guess that all this trip involved the UK from so much relations, and yes it did. I guess they made it all to get a lot of love from me, teehee!
     Here's a picture of me and dad, and that beautiful view of the Lake behind us.

I hope ya'll enjoyed it! Keep checking for the latest updates ~ 

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