Wednesday, August 15, 2012


1)  Canon EOS DIGITAL - I've been wishing for this fantastic HQ camera for a long while, and still haven't come around to actually getting it. But I've got high expectations about getting it really soon - as soon as I get a job and start getting my money.
2) Trip to London - Living in London was the most amazing experience, and I'd love to repeat it over and over again knowing I won't get enough! I <3 London.
3) Californian Highlights - This new hair trend is blowing my mind and I feel the need to do it. I'll hopefully get them done on me in less than two months time! Excitement taking over!
4) High Heel Sneaker - This is another fashion trend that I fell in love with. It's pretty interesting because it seems really comfortable and stunning, calls attention and goes with everything. Cannot wait to own one!
5) Fashion Books - Those pretty book covers really calls my attention, especially fashion related books! I would like to have a little collection of fashion trends from the 50s up until now. It's also most likely to be a topic that I could be reading about without getting tired.

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