Sunday, February 24, 2013

What Would She Wear: Selena Gomez

     Selena Marie Gomez is well known for being a roll model to may young girls who tend to get inspired by her work and also her unique style.
     Recently in a interview for Sugar Scape, the young lady has said she likes to choose what to wear herself, independent of a daily wear or a red carpet look.

      In the same interview, Ms Gomez has said she has an obsession for all sort of shoes, and most of them she shares with her mother!
      When it comes to accessories, she admits she likes to keep the style simple, but she never give up on bags. Scarfs are also something she doesn't let go.
      Recently, Selena has been spotted wearing many loose clothes, in a sort of hippie style!

      Selena Gomez can show she is always stunning with her legs out for the luck of men!

     She has really shown how to be a glam princess in all event clothing and also how to be stylish when out and about! Did you get inspired for a day out? I hope we can steal some of these looks!

- Andy.

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  1. achei o floral tão lindo! *-*