Monday, February 11, 2013

The 55th Grammy's: The Red Carpet Looks

     On February 10 (yesterday), The 55th Grammy Awards took place in Los Angeles to present the best singers of the year.
     In this specific post I will be showing the best dressed on the Red Carpet!
     Although the nominees were told about not showing a lot since the show has gotten censored, but that didn't mean they would actually cover everything! We can see that J-Lo had shown a full leg and looked as sexy as always.

The ladies showed that they are ready for anything and so they appeared in their best dresses looking stunning.

Many personalities took over with different designs and forms and still looked glamorous!

Rihanna and Kelly Rowland were one of the best dressed and who doesn't agree with that?! 

Differing from her traditional black dresses, Adele shinned in a red floral one!

These ladies sure know how to be beautiful in everything!

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  1. Love Kelly and Rihanna's! xx