Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What Would She Wear: Cara Delevingne

     Recently covered on the UK British Vogue Magazine, the young model has been inspiring lots of girls with her catwalk fashion and style.

     But out the catwalk, can we also get inspired? 
     In a recent interview, the 20 year old confirmed that she enjoys wearing jeans in the summer and dresses during the winter! She never lets go of jackets and boots also.

The blue-eyed sexy also knows how to add some glam to get a rock n' roll fashionista style!

The British model doesn't miss on the shorts. After all what's pretty must been shown!

While in a night out she goes for a more glamorous look with accessories and (most of the times) heels!

     We could learn from this looks that Cara absolutely loves black and boots! But whatever she wears she'll be stunning and beauty is what's never enough for her!

I hope you've enjoyed!
Tell me which of these was your fave or must-have!

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